Cultivating “the good life”

The Alchemy Village is a future Dream Come True.
We have been dreaming this dream for many years and have been learning the skills along the way to bring it to fruition.
Our Dream is to found a village in western Wisconsin (or Eastern MN) and we are looking for others to join us!
In this village our children will learn and grow with other children; we will have a vibrant economy of barter/trade; we will generate income from the land and by up-cycling to create useful tools and beautiful art; we will celebrate the seasons as our ancestors did, singing songs of gratitude for abundance; we will utilize non-violent communication with one another; we will collaborate and share with each other, making us less dependent on the extractive economy. We will help each other tread more gracefully on this planet and reach to our fullest potential.
We hope that our community can incorporate a variety of people to include different layers of cooperation. We envision a community where some people will choose to share a building as a multi-family living space, others will live in closely situated single-family units and will share land and other resources, and still others will own their own land and home nearby. Others will visit our community for a season or several times within a season.  We hope to be within a day’s biking distance to the Twin Cities.  We want an intimate and close-knit community core with many others plugging in as they see fit.
We have been cultivating this vision over the last 7 years.  Together we have lived in 3 intentional communities and each of us have lived in another one (total of 5).  These experiences have helped us to cultivate and refine our vision of the community that we want to create. Most recently, we lived at Dancing Waters Permacuture Cooperative for nearly five years, were we learned about intensive gardening, food preservation, raising chickens and pigs, spiritual rituals, and much more.
A bit about Megan:
“I am a family herbalist. I am a co-founder of Tea for the People and Driftless Herbal Exchange Network.  I am an herb grower, medicine maker, tea maker, and educator. I would like to see herb-growing, wildcrafting and medicine-making as one of the economic endeavors of the community. I want to live in community with others who are on a conscious healing journey. I envision having regular group healing sessions, where we share about our individual journeys and journey together. I was raised Catholic, and now identify as Pagan, Buddhist and Catholic.”
And a bit about Tom
“I am a self-proclaimed resource engineer. I am a scavenger extraordinaire always looking for creative uses for the castoffs of industrial and consumer excess. I am adept at taking things apart. Now it is time to really put the pieces together in a way that really benefits us all. I am ready to work hard toward building and creating space for living, loving, learning. I believe that everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. We all have a gift to share if we can only find the space to express ourselves.”
Our Children
We have four sons.  Gabe is Tom’s oldest (12) and he lives with us part time.  Together we have Oakin (5), Grouse (3) and Moon (5mo).  We are un-home-schooling Oakin and Grouse.  We dream of community schooling all our boys.
We are seeking to join with others to create this dream. We wish to look for and buy land soon. We hope to buy a minimum of 20 acres with a mix of field and forest.  We plan to look in Western Wisconsin or Eastern MN. 40-80 miles from Minneapolis is the general target. We hope to attract others who are interested in farming for food and medicine, raising animals, building, inventing, starting cottage industries and more. We are really looking to you to tell us where you think you would shine!

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